Farm Friends Foundation

The Farm Friends Foundation is a non governmental initiative of a group of people who are interested in dairy enterprises in the third world. In The Netherlands the foundation consists of the Board and the Board of Advice. The Foundation aims to acquire funds, assesses project proposals and reports on the progress that is made. Farm Friends Tanzania received from Farm Friends Nederland funds for granting 2.100 loans to farmers in the Tanga region.  A further contribution has been donated by FSDT (Financial Sector Deepening Trust) in Tanzania. As a result of this FFT now is able to supply the revolving fund with necessary funds.

Farm Friends Ethiopia informs the beneficiaries about the possibilities, assesses the project proposals, distributes funds, checks progress and reports to Farm Friends Nederland.

Procedures of Farm Friends

A request for financial support to obtain a pregnant cow can be presented to a representative of the board of Farm Friends Ethiopia. The board will discuss the loan and arrange the necessary documents. Repayment of the loan will be done by means of withholding 1/3 of the milk money, that is delivered to the collection centre of FFE.

Transparency for everyone

The principles, project proposals, allocated loans and progress will be made clear for everyone. The local representative of Farm Friends Tanzania and Farm Friends Ethiopia will check the procedure of approval and the progress that is made. Farm Friends makes an annual, written report on its activities and finances. The reports are checked by an external accountant.  You can find the reports on our website.

How to help?

By funding a lease cow you can help small farmers in Ethiopia to have a more secure income. A small donation of 25 is very welcome. A whole cow (€ 700) is an option as well.

You can transfer your gift to IBANaccount NL68RABO0308702301 to Farm Friends Nederland, in Wommels.